In english

En gång om året tar vi Säter 100 år tillbaka i tiden


Säterstampen in english

Säterstampen – experience life like it was in the beginning of the 20th century


The historic week unveils the municipalities amazing culture and nature, revives our cultural heritage with song, dance, music and theater, artisan crafts as well as walking tours and exhibitions. We create meeting places that in good spirit communicates our common history.

Arranged by; Kulturföreningen Säterstampen, Säters hembygdsförening and Säters kommun. Come get enchanted by our charming city, where history can be uncovered on every street corner.


Säterstampen. With historical imagination we travel a 100 years back in time. Merchants from near and far gather at the lively marketplace Rådhustorget where artisan goods and traditional food is sold. There will be music as well as horses and carriages amongst the streets and alleys and within the courtyards. Hungry? Interested in arts and craft? We offer both and more!


Säterstampen is the day when we open our beloved wooden town and many of the homeowners who live in the city center kindly open their courtyards, normally private and hidden gems of the city. Exhibitions, homely cafés, trade and entertainment is offered within the courtyards.


The tourist train Turis

The railroad was extended to Säter in the beginning of 1880 and in 1912 a track was laid leading directly to the hospital area, Skönvik. Today train traffic runs again through the city of Säter with the aid of the tourist train Turis. The train runs between Gruvplan (the parking lot) and Salutorget between 10.00 and 11.30, thereafter from Rådhustorget 11.30–16.00 and allows you to travel around the city all day long. Day card 30 kr.


Pontus - the magician (Swe)

returns this year - better than ever! Pontus is an award winning magician and mind reader who since an early age woeks wit the worerld elite in magic and showbiz. Pontus has toured with great artists as well as with his own shows in Sweden and internationally for corporate events, festival and fairs. .


Activities for children Throw horseshoes, play marbles, walk on stilts – there are many activities available to children at bibliotekets bakgård.


Upcycling of textiles in “Fixoteket” Create something new from something old. Material and tools available on sight, but feel free to bring your own. Open workshop for all ages.


Go for a ride with horse and carriage through the beautiful wooden town of Säter 20 kr.


Dramatization of history within the cities courtyards (Swe) Säterstampen’s theatre group have been re-enacting the city’s history together for the last 20 years. This jubilee is celebrated with a theatre walk through the city centre as well as through the group’s repertoire of historical scenes ranging between the years 1903 and 1919.

Säter is a small town where trade, industry and communications were developed slowly. The new ideas about a better society began to form – pro education, sobriety and equality. The hospital was built and became the largest workplace when it opened. The great war in Europe has led to gruesome conditions with a shortage of food and supplies leading to hunger riots. The city struggled with poor hygiene and initiated the instalment of water pipes and hospitals to treat the Spanish flu and diphtheria to ameliorate the citizens’ health status.

You will walk, sing and dance with us as we embark on our historic adventure. Limited number of tickets. Tickets must be bought in advance at the Library.